Change lives, challenge Norms.

USC Iovine and Young graduate students are looking for the best programmers, designers and developers to help us change lives. You will have the opportunity to build an app to both motivate and support the lifestyle of people living with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating disease that affects over 2.3 million people worldwide. 

Norms is a health application dedicated to helping users develop and maintain achievable goals, regardless of symptoms that might otherwise hold them back. Help users regain their norms. 

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1st Place


We're looking for experienced hackers! Only enrolled USC students can participate. Teams should be no more than 5 people. 


 The challenge is to build an app that is both motivational and supportive for the lifestyles of people living with Multiple Sclerosis. 


How to enter

Apply by following this link

For event updates check out our Facebook Page.

Make sure to read all rules and register by March 28, 2019. 




Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley
Director of Online Programs, Professor of Technology at USC

Max Orozco

Max Orozco
Co-Founder, Lumeum

Dr. Daniel Pelletier

Dr. Daniel Pelletier
Chief of the Neuro-Immunology and MS Division, Keck

Judging Criteria

  • Remember who you're building this for
    We want to see you flex your creative muscles in tackling this problem. An application like this requires a simple UI/UX, the patients must be able to use it with ease.